Born and raised in Chicago, Eric began his interest in art at an early age, expressing himself frequently through pen-and-ink illustrations on whatever ‘canvas’ was available — a margin for doodles, a book cover, a napkin. In 1993, after earning a BA in Humanities from Arizona State University, he decided to more formally engage in art with an introductory painting class with Ed Hinkley at the Lillstreet Art Center during its Lincoln Park days. From that foundation, he continued on a path to become a self-taught artist, focusing on surrealistic oil painting in large and small scale. In XXXX, he began renting studio space at Lill, then at Cornelia Arts Building, where he currently shares Studio #201 with urban landscape artist Kevin Swallow.

While visual arts are what propel Eric today, he also has talents in the writing and business. He holds an MA in Fiction Writing from Columbia College and runs the retail store supply company Specialty Store Services.

Eric lives with his wife and two young children on Chicago’s north side. He enjoys travel, running, and vegetarian cuisine.